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Memberships & Payments

Which membership is right for me?

We’ll always start you on our beginner to intermediate programme no matter how much experience you’ve had in the gym.

What's the difference between the memberships?

All 3 memberships include the strength and conditioning programme as a base. White Tees also includes mobility drills and pre-round warm-up routines, whilst Championship Tees includes all of this plus personal feedback from one of our coaches.

How often will my card be charged?

Your card will be charged on the same day of the month you sign-up and then on every ongoing month you hold a membership with us.

Health & Training

Do I need any exercise experience?

No not at all, our programme is designed to help you build an athletic swing from the ground-up. This means focussing on foundational movement that are simple and repeatable.

Where do I access my programme and log my training?

Your training programme is delivered to you via our online portal on Fitbot. As soon as you sign-up to a membership we will build your programme on there and invite you to it within 24 hours.

How do I know how to do each exercise?

Every single exercise we program is accompanied by a demonstration video. You can watch these as many times as you wish to help you understand in detail.

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Building stronger, athletic golfers.



We’ll show you what exercises to do and when. Helping you to create additional power and all important club head speed.



As you stand on the 18th tee, we’ll have you swinging your clubs with same strength and consistency as your front 9.



Our programme will increase your flexibility where it counts. This means you’ll rotate with efficiency on every swing.